Lilac Life Frenchies

Lilac Life Frenchies is nestled at the base of the in the Sierra Foothills in Elk Grove, CA.  We specialize in champion pedigree lilacs for those looking to add the best quality french bulldog to their family.  We are also excited offer fluffy and micro frenchies in the near future! Our dogs live the spoiled ranch life with room to run and play, swim, and socialize with other dogs, and our children.

Available Puppies!

ISABELLA CARRIERS- Izzy gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies October 8th!! One gorgeous female is available from this litter... She is a beautiful baby rhino super compact Isabella carrier. Izzy is a beautiful lilac sable fawn in an ultra compact 19 pound frame with amazing structure. Dinero, the sire is a gorgeous thick boned muscular full Testable Chocolate and Tan stud. Dinero is from

VISUAL FLUFFIES- Our first full fluffy litter and weseriously can't wait to see these babies at the end of November!! Tangie and Yolo will produce Black and tan quads, blue and tan quads, and trindles.

Lilac and Tan and Lilac Fawn- We bred these two earlier in the year and they produced the most gorgeous all around litter we have had to date. If you follow us on Instagram @lilaclifefrenchies you will see Delilah and Bubba, our future show dogs. They are both from this litter to give you an idea of the quality kali and Papi produce. These pups will be lilac and tan, lilac sable fawn, possible maskless and cream carriers that all have a 12 champion combined pedigree. If you want an enviable frenchie this is the litter for you 100%.

We will accept reserves after litters are born, those on our waiting list will be notified first. If you are interested in more information, would like to be added to our waiting, or wou like information regarding reservations please email We'll get back to you as soon as possible and ask that you please be patient. Our first priority is always our puppies and our children, but we promise to respond as soon as we're able. Thank you!!

Our Dogs


Lilac Life's Dutch's Buddha is an award winning lilac sable fawn 4 panel clear Em/E, B/B, d/d, ay/at, 1 copy of pied.

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Our gorgeous lilac fawn Coco was bred to platinum fluffy Yolo and we are so excited to announce Coco is confirmed pregnant! We are expecting this litter in November that will be all fluffy carriers, whoohoo! Colors will be platinum, lilac and tan carrying cream, and lilac fawn carrying cream and tan points. These puppies are going to be absolutely gorgeous and a dream come true for us!!! If you are interested in being on our waiting list for notification of their birth please email Reserves will open after their arrival, thank you for your patience!

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Harlequin is part of our future program. She's a beautiful micro frenchie weighing in at 13.6 lbs, she's a Lilac and Tan, daughter of our Coco.

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Izzy pup available now!!!!

Lilac Lola's daughter Izzy has an amazing pedigree on both sides of her family tree including Upside Down Clown and Don Daddy. Her baby girl carries testable chocolate and can produce Isabella and Tan....absolutely gorgeous structure with color. Amazing baby!!!

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Kali puppies due December 28th!!

Kali Mist is our keeper from Lilac Lola's breeding with UK Champion Van Dutch

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Lilac Lola's daughter Izzy has an amazing pedigree on both sides of her family tree including Upside Down Clown and Don Daddy.

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Papi Chulo

Papi Chulo is proven and open for stud! Em/e1, B/B, d1/d1, N/N, at/at, N/S

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Tangie Fluffy Puppies Due November!

Lilac Life's Fluffy Tangerine Dream, aka Tangie is expecting Yolo pups November 2020! Please email if you would like to be on our waiting list for notification when they are born.

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