About Us

About Us

Our family has been raising french bulldogs for years on our little farm with ethical breeding practice. All of our frenchie puppies come with health guarantees, are loved from the day they are born until the day they join you, as well as being potty pad trained. Our dogs are bred for health, AKC standard structure, as well as temperament. Select dogs in our program are shown in competitions in California with the guidance of our in house handler/trainer as well as an ABKC dog show trainer/judge. Our trainer is available to hire for training for pups adopted from our program as well as show training.

Our special needs sons absolutely love helping us take care of the puppies and snuggling every chance they get.  It's a wonderful opportunity to teach them responsibility, give them something to be proud of accomplishing, and enhances their already compassionate natures. We also raise chickens for eggs and grow a large vegetable garden that produces organic food for us and the dogs year round. French bulldogs love veggies!  

French Bulldog Breeder Northern California

Frenchie Breeders Northern California

Breeding for health and temperament is very important and something Lilac Life Frenchies stands behind.  The puppies stay with us and their moms for a minimum of 8 weeks, during which we work hard at potty training and all puppies will come familiar with using a puppy pad and possibly dog door experience.  Emotionally secure puppies make better lifelong dogs; all of our pups are well socialized with other animals and people of all ages before you take them home.  Basic manners of not biting, excessive barking, and quiet time are instilled in the pups as they mature with us so your experience is more enjoyable.

We ensure the puppies are weaned when the they show signs of being ready, we don't rush the process.  All of our dogs and puppies are given Life's Abundance food exclusively to maintain proper health and balanced nutrition with less preservatives than off the shelf dog food brands.  Many years and many dogs later we wouldn't feed our french bulldogs anything else.  You can order Life's Abundance for your pets here 

The dogs have their own temperature controlled room to sleep in with plush beds and toys galore.  They have free access to inside and outside when we are home so they can get their zoomies out on the lawn or relax on the couch for afternoon naps.  Our amazing care givers are here 5 days a week and weekends when needed for extra puppy hands on deck.  This ensures the dogs always have access to clean food, water, yard, and puppy areas.  It's takes a lot of work and time to maintain the level of cleanliness these babies deserve, but we're 100% dedicated to providing the best life we can for our girls and your future babies.