I used a stud, Papi Chulo, offered by @lilaclifefrenchies for my Luna.  I was very new to this and didn’t really know what to expect.  I have to tell you, from start to finish, Elizabeth has been there for ANY questions I had.  I paid the stud fee, which was very reasonable by the way, but I didn’t realize all the extra support I would receive.  Throughout my dog’s pregnancy, Elizabeth was available day or night for any questions I had and I had many.  Once the puppies were born, she gave me guidance on how to properly care for my litter.  As if all that weren’t enough, she helped me vet prospective buyers for the pups and all found wonderful homes!  Elizabeth is an absolute dynamo, I don’t know how she accomplishes everything she does!  I could not have done it without her and am so thankful for her help. I highly recommend working with Lilac Life Frenchies!  


Julie Briano

Well my people I want to share my experience with @lilaclifefrenchies ...... I signed up to use Buddha for stud. The day I called to say my girl is ready they shipped semen same day. The next day we checked again and my girl wasn't ready. Vet asked if we could do it again in 2-3 days. I called @lilaclifefrenchies and explain the situation and they tell me no problem, they moved fast and sent another Fedex shipment. Fedex lost the box so I go back and call @lilaclifefrenchies again they got a shipment out the same day and I was finally able to successfully inseminate my girl. She had a healthy litter of beautiful puppies! Thanks to the people of @lilaclifefrenchies without them this would not have been possible, always with excellent customer service, very attentive, and very helpful!! Thank you very much @lilaclife frenchies!!!!!

Jonathon @most_wanted_exotic_frenchies

I got Milo from Elizabeth Thompson. Milo is beautiful and gets compliments wherever we go. People say they can tell he is well-bred.  He is  good-tempered and easy to train.  Lilac life Frenchies does an amazing job of socializing and beginning the early stages of training their puppies.  Milo has not chewed on any electric cords!  I highly recommend getting your forever Frenchie from Elizabeth and LilacLifeFrenchies.

I had a truly AMAZING experience with Lilac Life Frenchies, and would happily give them a 10 out of 10. However, I just want to share some of my adoption experiences and share some industry knowledge I have discovered that may be helpful to future prospective Frenchie adopters.

When I finally decided to get the purebred French Bulldog that I had dreamed about owning for the better part of a decade, I quickly found that it was critical to be patient when it comes to choosing the right breeder. It is probably a consequence of the high sticker price associated with the French Bulldog breed, but there are so many “bad”, greedy, or simply otherwise unqualified French Bulldog breeders. These breeders typically use a combination of unsanitary, ignorant, and even morally-objectionable breeding practices, often in an effort purely to “make a quick buck”, and often at the expense of the puppies and mothers well-being. Obviously, I didn’t know any of that when I first began my search, and so I hounded popular social media sites inquiring about puppies and wrote breeder after breeder, all of whom claimed to have champion bloodlines in their programs. However, every time, it would quickly become obvious that this person just wasn’t someone worth listening to or buying from, for one reason or another. Some were clearly puppy mills that were all about the money, others were simply uneducated in the basics of the French Bulldog field, some others were even obvious scams with missing/faulty AKC paperwork, stolen puppies, brokered puppies, or crossbred puppies being passed as purebred Frenchies. In fact, I have unfortunately discovered that there are only a precious few breeders that actually raise their puppies the way I want my dog raised.

However, my patience was rewarded in EVERY way once I found Lilac Life Frenchies. From the very first message, every aspect of the adoption experience was positive. Firstly, the care and love they have for their dogs is obvious, and I say this knowing that it is an old cliché that many breeders claim. Starting with the initial vetting process to determine if I was someone worth trusting with one of their dogs, the care and know-how that goes into the puppy room, the hygiene practices of the puppy room, the obvious extensive socialization of the puppies, it became clear that Lilac Life Frenchies was operating in a way that satisfied even my inner critic. Once we met the dogs, we found an awesome male and pulled the trigger on getting him a few short weeks later. Buddha, as we called him, has an ideal temperament that is exactly what we wanted: an unusually calm cuddle bug/lap dog. Obviously, while it is impossible to say how much for certain, I do feel confident that his amazing personality is due in large part to the extensive socialization he received as a puppy. He has never met a stranger he didn’t immediately seem to love. Everyone he meets he wants them to pet him, and he has no problem at all around large crowds. He even does well at dog shows and around small and large animals. I could quite literally write pages and pages of positive experiences we have had with our puppy; however, to make a long story short, adopting our dog Buddha has been nothing short of amazing. Furthermore, I appreciated that before any paperwork was signed by either party, all genetic tests were completed by UC Davis and I really appreciated the clause in the paperwork that essentially stated that if I ever had to get rid of the puppy for any reason, Lilac Life Frenchies would take him so they could ensure he goes to a good home. I can not recommend Lilac Life Frenchies enough. I wish any prospective pet adopters the best of luck, and I want to assure you that you have finally found the trustworthy breeder you have been looking for!

Lilac Life Frenchies is the best breeder in the valley in my opinion. We got our Lucy almost 3 years ago and she has been an awesome dog from day 1. Elizabeth is awesome, her dogs are treated like her babies, with love. We're proud to be part of the Lilac Life family. Looking forward to our next frenchie, no question where I'll be getting it from. #lilaclifefrenchies

I had been searching for a frenchie for quite a few months. Then I happen to stumble upon Lilac Life Frenchies’s instagram page. I contacted Them through DM. We immediately hit it off. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and informative but, most importantly she provides a great customer service! Always answers any questions I had prior and after my purchase of my baby girl Laylah!

Lilac Life Frenchies is not your typical breeder. They love every single pup! These puppies are raised in doors and with love

Best decision I have ever made!